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Our company, which was founded in 2001 by Mustafa KAYA, a graduate of Istanbul University Information and Records Management; Since its establishment, it has made great contributions to the formation and development of the archival sector.

Our company, which shows its difference in the sector with archive organization systems developed specifically for the structure of each institution and organization; It has experienced the pride of breaking new ground with KADOS (Correct Filing System for Institutional Archives) and TADOS (Technical Archives Correct Filing System) developed for the archives of technical directorates of municipalities.


Our company, which offers special solutions to institutions in all problems that may be encountered regarding the management of documents and information; provides physical archive editing, digital archiving, document scanning, inventory extraction, file classification plans and preparation of regulations, book cataloging, all technical services related to the library and the supply of archive library consumables.


Our archive software, in which all archive activities can be fully managed and constantly developed specifically for the needs of institutions. ARŞİVCİM; Our Library Management Automation PAPİRÜS, Our Image Processing Software İMKA DRS and E-Ekspertiz With our software, professional management of documents and information in electronic environment is ensured.


Primagest Co., manufacturer of the world's fastest Industrial Scanner. Our company, which has undertaken the Turkey Distributorship of IMAGE VALUE scanners and the authorized dealer in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, with the agreement signed with; has signed yet another FIRST in the sector.


By undertaking the Turkey Distributorship of 4DigitalBooks brand Book Scanners and Book Scanning Robots produced in Switzerland and the Turkey Authorized Dealer of VIISAN brand Book Scanners produced by MYSHER, our company has also added V-Page Book Scanner and VIISAN Book Scanners to its machine park, and has expanded both its machine park and its distributorship network. .


Our company, which opened BPO TURKEY as the first and only archive company with an industrial scanner; It ensures that archives are transferred to electronic media quickly, safely and at the lowest possible cost.


As a result of the trust it provides and the understanding of quality service, our company, which has grown with references and left behind 20 years full of success stories, will continue to leave its mark in the archiving sector by staying different.


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