Digital Archive Editing


Digital Archive Editing

Documents archived in accordance with modern archival requirements;


      in technology        quality,


                 in service with    transferred to the electronic environment.

   Scanning is done in accordance with Electronic Document Management System standards.

  The master copy is created at 300 dpi resolution and in TIFF format.

  The circulation copy is created at 200 dpi resolution and in JPG format.

  The circulation copies are subjected to image enhancement techniques for a better appearance.

  All scanned documents; It is named according to the needs of the institution in order to provide easy access.

  To named documents; In cases where access is required on a document basis, index fields are determined in accordance with the demands and needs of the institution and the requested documents are indexed.

With Digital Archiving;

The time to reach the documents is minimized, and labor and time savings are achieved.
There is no need to reach the original documents and document wear is prevented.
More than one person can access the same document at the same time.
Sharing of information is ensured and institutional efficiency is ensured.



All kinds of documents from A3 Size to A0 size are scanned at 300 Dpi resolution in Color/Colorless/Gray formats. Thanks to our sensitive equipment, your documents are transferred to the digital environment without being damaged. With the Archivecim software developed by İmka, you can easily open and browse your documents of any length via your internet browser.



With the HDP 3000C Model of Primagest, which we are the distributor, min. 60×110 mm max. Your documents of 120×225 mm are scanned both sides and back with 200 Dpi and 400 Dpi resolutions with Color/Colorless/Gray options. Scanning performs simultaneous OCR, MICR and barcode recognition processes.




Software-supported special scanning needs of institutions or businesses are evaluated by İMKA. We produce solutions with our in-house software team and meet the demands for special situations such as reading exam results, barcode reading, etc.

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