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Archive Software



Our Archive Automation Program ARŞİVCİM .

Access to documents from any data requested and processed

It is possible to access the documents in the archive from all the criteria determined as a result of the inventory work, where the users want to access the documents.

Scanning documents and transferring them to the system

It is possible to scan the documents and transfer them to the system and access the document image for information purposes. Thus, there will be no need to reach the document for every information requirement and document wear and tear will be prevented. It will be possible to have electronic copies of documents in more than one place at the same time and print out the electronic copy. The original documents will not be damaged and unnecessary photocopying will be prevented.

Possibility to enter long text information

Our database program allows the entry of long text information. Texts up to 64,000 characters long can be entered in long text fields.

Circulation / use of files between departments

All checks of the lending system will be possible, such as the circulation of a file between departments, in which department the file is at the moment, when it will be returned, who requested which files for what in the past.

Access to files at different levels

Our Archive Automation program; There is the possibility of gradual encryption such as intervening in the program structure, entering information, changing the information, only seeing it. Thus, users will be able to benefit from the archive within their authorization.

Loan – Return – Disposal reports

Borrowed files; It will be possible to access information such as who and what it is, and overdue files can be detected. It will be possible to determine when the destroyed files are destroyed and when the files that need to be destroyed will be destroyed.

Loan – return reports, document retention periods, destruction reports, monthly / yearly number of loaned files, most loaned files etc. reports can be obtained.

Labeling and barcoding

From our Archive Automation program; In addition, without the need for a software, file back label and barcode printouts can be taken.


Image Enhancement

From our Archive Automation program; In addition, without the need for a software, image enhancement can be performed on circulation copies.


Naming / Indexing

Naming and indexing of scanned documents can be done easily.

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Archivist Management Automation is a user-friendly and functional management automation developed with domestic capital, in line with the archive-archiving structure and the standards determined within the framework of the law, in line with the experiences İMKA has gained from the archive projects that it has successfully completed in the sector. It allows you to access your archive from anywhere you can connect to the internet, without requiring a computer setup.


There are 2 different versions developed with Java and .Net to meet the needs of institutions and businesses with Software Rental and License sales options. Our software, which continues to develop with customer experiences, brings features arising from the needs of different institutions to the software and these features are shared with all users. SQL, MySQL are designed in accordance with Oracle databases.

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