PAPIRUS Library Automation

It is possible to record all kinds of library materials.

.Developed with the File Maker Pro programming tool. Basic computer usage knowledge is sufficient for usage, backup etc.

.Pictures, abstracts, notes, table of contents, etc. can be added to each material registered in the system. Records can be accessed by searching through these additions.

.Records from other databases can be transferred into it, and all data recorded in the system can be easily transferred to the external environment.

.Reports such as lending, borrowing, late returns, most read, most read, etc. can be accessed very easily.

All information entry ends on a single screen.

Label and member card printouts can be made through the program.

  Developed with the FileMaker Pro programming tool, it runs on the tool it was developed on. Basic computer knowledge is sufficient for operations such as usage and backup. The number of records that can be entered is as much as the capacity of the hard disk.
  Long text fields (abstract, article) can enter texts up to 64.000 characters long. Records in other databases can be transferred to the program. Likewise, data can be transferred from the program to other databases (MsWord-MsExcel).
  It is possible to record all kinds of library materials. All information entry ends on a single screen.
  All kinds of library materials; It is possible to add pictures, record summary / notes / Contents items and scan from these items. Asset book, label and barcode printouts can be taken.
  It is possible to enter standard and easy information with drop-down menus in possible areas and search from any field where information is entered.
  Loans that will be returned on the working day, those who are overdue and those who are on loan can be found with a single click.
  There is the possibility to get the most read, the most read and their statistics by class/unit.
  The loan and member system works together with the library program without the need for separate software and processing.
  It is possible to print colored labels and member cards according to their subjects.

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