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Archive Equipment

Image Value 20/300-600 High Speed Industrial Scanner

It is designed for intense working conditions.


It provides continuous scanning of mixed size and weight documents, thanks to the document feeding and tray emptying without stopping the scanner.


Thanks to its straight-through scanning system, it has the capacity to scan an average of 280,000 documents per day (8 hours) with a single staff, minimizing the tearing of documents.


Image Value 20 Introduction Page       

Image Value 20 Yüksek Hızlı Endüstriyel Tarayıcı

Our company is Turkey Distributor of Image Value 20 High Speed Industrial Scanners, authorized dealer in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.


Before scanning documents;


It helps to scan documents smoothly and quickly by keeping the documents to be scanned in line and preventing the static electricity of the documents.


Fully Automatic Professional Book Scanner

4DijitalBooks DL mini

With its wide scanning surface, automatic and manual scanning modes, your bound books and magazines are transferred to digital media with high quality resolution. Canon EOS 5 DSR 50 Mega Pixels cameras are used in the device.

IMAGE VALUE IV 20/300 MS Barcode Scanner And Separator

Document Sorter

Primagest Inc. With this device, which is a product, separation processes are performed according to the barcodes on the document. According to the need, 48 separate pockets can be created. Equipped with a 24-bit RGB high-definition camera with 450 dpi resolution. It can parse 600 documents per minute at 300 dpi resolution.

Image Value 20 Document Sorter Introduction Page       

IMAGE VALUE FZA-3166/3186 Check Reader Separator

MICR Çek Okuyucu Ayırıcı FZA-3166/3186

Check Sorter provides parsing by reading a specific MICR (Serial Number, Barcode IBAN etc.) field. It can distinguish fakes with ultraviolet rays. You can transfer your checks to digital media with 300 dpi resolution color or black and white options.


FZA-3166/3186 Technical Specifications

VISION VK 18300 Book Scanner

VISION VK 18300 Book Scanner

18 MP Desktop is a practical book scanner.

Thanks to its functional software, it can scan automatically when the page is turned, wipe the hand and fingers if they are on the scanning screen, curved pages are automatically straightened, damaged page edges are auto-corrected, pages are auto-rotated in the direction of text, thanks to the built-in OCR, the scans can be instantly converted to WORD, PDF, TXT etc. formats. translatable.

Practical Quick Book Scanning

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